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Do you need a personal injury lawyer or a disability lawyer?

Injuries and disabilities can happen anywhere, at any time. They can be the result of an incident at work or a collision in your car. When you sustain an injury or a disability, it can cripple your finances. You may garner huge amounts of medical bills, or you may be unable to work from now on. Fortunately, there are protections in place when you sustain an injury or disability. 

If this is your situation, you need to open a personal injury or disability claim. This process can be highly complex and draining, and it is always best to hire an experienced personal injury attorney or disability attorney. 

In this post, the personal injury and disability attorneys at Manassas Law Group will answer all your questions about hiring a personal injury or disability lawyer in Virginia. 

For instance, what’s the difference between a personal injury and a disability? When do I need a personal injury or disability attorney? How much will it cost?

What is the Difference Between a Personal Injury and a Disability in Virginia?

Good question! The type of claim you need to file depends on the answer. 

Though they are certainly similar, there are a few key legal differences between a personal injury and a disability in Virginia. 

First, you should know that the cause of the injury does not typically affect whether it is a personal injury or disability. Depending on the circumstances, a car crash can cause disability or a personal injury, as can an accident at work. 

What matters is the length of time that injury is affecting you. A personal injury is legally the less serious of the two and will affect you for less time. You may recover from an injury in a few weeks. A physical disability could be lifelong. 

There is also a difference in the financial burden between personal injuries and disabilities. As we said, you may miss a few weeks of work for a personal injury and accrue some medical bills. This could, of course, be quite financially draining, depending on your situation, but legally, it is less serious than a disability.

A disability may prevent you from ever working again. With a disability, you may accrue extensive medical bills, or you may even need longterm care. The financial burden for a disability will be much greater.

When you are deciding which lawyer to hire, it helps to know which type of claim to file. 

When Do I Need A Virginia Personal Injury or Disability Lawyer?

If you sustain an injury or disability and intend to open a claim, you need an attorney. If you file a claim and Social Security denies you, your chances of an acceptance a second time around are much greater with an attorney.

Having a lawyer can also speed up what is usually a pretty long and arduous process. The complex nature of the Social Security Act means that filing a claim can be confusing and stressful for the claimant. Your personal injury or disability lawyer can help you be sure to fill out the right paperwork at the correct time. 

They can also help you make sure your medical records are complete and adequate for the claim. Your doctor is, unfortunately, more likely to respond to a personal injury or disability lawyer’s request for information than to yours. 

Finally, your lawyer can help you prepare for questioning at your hearing. Many claimants are anxious about their hearing, but a lawyer can tell you what to expect, and help you prepare your answers. 

In cases where there is potential medical malpractice, toxic exposure, or very severe injuries, you will certainly want to consult a lawyer. In less serious cases, it may be tempting to try and get the claim through on your own. You might be successful, but with the help of a personal injury or disability lawyer, the entire process will be much smoother. 

How Much Does A Personal Injury or Disability Lawyer Cost in Virginia?

In personal injury and disability cases, most attorneys will not charge a fee upfront. Their fee will come at the end if they win the case. This type of arrangement is a “contingency fee” in the legal world. The lawyer receiving their fee is contingent on them winning the case.

There are a few different variations on the contingency fee agreement that are available. Some of these are:

Mixed Hourly/Contingent

Contingency fees are common in personal injury cases, disability cases, or other cases where the payout comes at the end. In other types of cases, lawyers charge a certain amount for every hour they work on your case. This fee arrangement mixes those two.

In this arrangement, the lawyer will charge a reduced hourly fee, no matter the outcome of the case. In the end, if they win the case, they will receive a small percentage of the damages as a bonus. 

Sliding Scale Contingency 

In this arrangement, the lawyer will still only get their fee if they win. However, their fee gets larger the more difficult the case gets. For instance, if your lawyer manages to settle your case outside a courtroom, their fee maybe 25%. But if you have to go to trial, the fee may jump to 40%. 

Contingency Hourly

This is similar to a sliding scale contingency. But in this arrangement, the fee doesn’t depend on the difficulty of the case, but rather the sheer hours the attorney works. 

Attorneys will be open to discussing a fee arrangement in a personal injury or disability case. It is common for them to take on clients with reduced financial ability. 

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