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Car accidents are inevitable. They happen every second, all over the world. It’s a scary truth, but one we must live with should we choose to operate a vehicle. Wrecks are a pain for everyone involved, even if it’s a non-injury accident. If you’ve been in one of these wrecks, you need a non-injury car accident lawyer.

Everyone will likely experience a car accident at least once in their lifetime. It is important to know what to do in these instances. After an accident, you’ll have a million questions running through your head. Our attorneys at Manassas Law Group are here to answer them. 

As your non-injury car accident lawyer, we’ll walk you through the next steps. This can be a difficult time, and we want to help make things easier on your part. In this post, we will answer some common questions about non-injury car accidents. 

What Do I Do If I’ve Been In A Car Accident?

If you have been in a car accident, the first thing to remember is this: don’t panic. Panicking can make a stressful situation even worse. In a calm manner, make sure that you’re safe and out of the way of danger. If you have passengers with you, check on them. Get a verbal confirmation that there are no serious injuries in your car. 

Sometimes, in the heat of an accident, shock can take over. In this case, you may not feel the pain of an injury. That doesn’t mean you aren’t hurt. It may take hours to feel the presence of an injury. If there is any chance whatsoever that you or anyone else has injuries, call for medical assistance right away. Paramedics will be able to make certain that there are no serious internal injuries. It is much better to be safe rather than sorry.

If you are in an area where there is no traffic, you may exit your vehicle at this time. In the case that you are on a busy road, move your car onto the nearest shoulder before getting out. 

Next, ensure that any other parties involved are also safe. When doing so, be sure not to assign any fault to yourself. Doing this might hurt your case in the future.

Once it’s verified that everyone is safe, call your local police. Do not leave the scene before police arrive. Doing so could result in a hit-and-run charge.

To help your case, take pictures of the scene as soon as you can. This includes damage of both (or all) cars involved, road conditions, weather conditions, and any nearby traffic signs. Having this evidence could help you and your lawyer in the future.

Do I Need To Exchange Information After A Non-Injury Car Accident?

No matter how insignificant the accident may seem, you should exchange information with the other party. You can do this while you wait for the police to arrive. The information you should exchange includes the following:

  • Name of driver
  • Name of the car’s registered owner
  • Phone number
  • Insurance information: Company, policy number.
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number

If there were any witnesses to the accident, get their information as well. Your attorney might want to contact them to help build your case.

It is important to receive this information so that you’re able to make an insurance claim later. Even in the case of a non-injury accident, making a claim could help you recover damages. 

Damages refer to any losses experienced due to the accident. This could include car repair costs or any loss of income due to the wreck.

How Should I Report A Non-Injury Car Accident?

The first way to report a car accident is to notify the police. Having a written crash report is necessary in recovering those damages we mentioned. Without a report, insurance companies might try to deny your claim altogether. Once a report gets written, the officer should provide you with a report number. You can use this number to access the police report later. 

When the police arrive, they will ask for your statement. Tell them everything that happened to the best of your ability. If there is something you’re not sure of, don’t guess or make up an answer. This could hurt your case. Tell them only what you know for sure.

If you’re able to, make sure the other party gives an accurate description of what happened. They might try to place the blame on you without your knowledge. 

The next place to report your accident is to your insurance company. Do this as soon as possible. 

Filing with your own company is a “first party claim.” If you choose to file a claim under the other driver’s insurance company, this is a “third party claim.” The choice is up to you.

Am I Able To Sue For A Car Accident With No Injuries?

In addition to first and third party claims, filing a lawsuit is also possible. You might file a lawsuit if your insurance or the other driver’s insurance refuses to pay your claim. In the state of Virginia, you have a five year time limit to file a lawsuit for damage of property. 

Whatever you choose to do, you should have an experienced attorney working for you. A lawyer can ensure that the insurance companies don’t try to take advantage of you. It can also help you make certain you get the most compensation possible for your damages.

How Much Can I Get For A Non-Injury Car Accident? 

The amount of compensation you’re able to recover after an accident depends on a few things. The first is the amount of damage done. The more damage done to your property, the more money you will likely recover.

It also has a lot to do with your representation. Having the right law firm on your side can help improve your outcome. A good lawyer will do everything in their power to get you the money you deserve. Should you choose to file a claim with insurance or take the case to court, having an attorney is crucial. 

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