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At Manassas Law Group, we know that success in family law cases, whatever they may be, requires the ability to adopt both an aggressive and compromise-driven approach, sometimes switching back and forth over the span of a case. Equally as important, it requires an in-depth awareness of the personal impacts that a family law dispute has on a client and his or her family. These are things that the attorneys at our law firm have ingrained into our work ethic, and we take on each case with the knowledge that our clients’ futures are on the line.   Whether you have a family law dispute involving property distribution, spousal support, divorce, or any other legal matter, the Manassas Law Group can help. Get in touch with an experienced Prince William County, VA family law attorney at our firm today by calling (703) 361-8246 or completing our online intake form and let us know what we can do for you.
Prince William County Family Lawyer

Types of Family Law Cases We Handle

When it comes to law, there are truly no other practice areas that are quite as delicate as those involving family law issues. This is especially true when children are involved. Our dedicated Prince William County family lawyers at MLG handle a vast array of legal services and put the same amount of time, effort, and care into each case we take on. From Virginia divorce proceedings to child custody, property division, and beyond, we can handle it all.

Divorce Proceedings

The divorce process in Virginia can be a complicated one. If you’re filing a fault-based or contested divorce, you need legal representation from a qualified divorce lawyer to help navigate these difficult matters. Even in an uncontested divorce case, having an experienced family law attorney by your side can give you the reassurance and peace of mind that everything is being done correctly and in your best interest. A divorce attorney will also benefit you by protecting your rights during the negotiation process and providing competent legal advice throughout the duration of the proceedings. With comprehensive knowledge of the Virginia legal system, the Prince William County divorce lawyers at Manassas Law Group can help you from the very beginning of your case and throughout the entire process.

Property Division

Following the dissolution of a marriage, the division of marital property between the former spouses must be established. Mediation is a necessary part of this process. Particularly in cases where the property division issues are more complicated (e.g. family businesses, inheritances received during or before the marriage, etc.) the analysis and investigation must be brought early on to ensure that separate property and marital property issues are correctly identified and documented. The Manassas property division attorneys at our firm are experienced in handling these matters and advocating for the best interests of our clients. 

Child Custody Issues

A good family law attorney knows the importance of pursuing low-conflict resolutions whenever possible, particularly when children are involved. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take an assertive or even aggressive approach when circumstances require it. As a child custody case can be one of the most emotionally charged in any family law case, it is incredibly important to approach these legal matters with the utmost caution. 

While our Manassas child custody attorneys avoid disputes surrounding legal custody whenever possible, if the other side has decided to take an aggressive approach, we are prepared to be aggressive as well. Our goal is to resolve family disputes as quickly as possible and preserve relationships between parents, but we will ultimately always do what is in our client’s best interests. Courts understand that few of today’s busy and diverse families benefit from a traditional “50-50” custody split or simply awarding full custody to one parent. Whether it’s establishing custody rights or an agreeable visitation agreement, our family law attorneys guarantee to work tirelessly to obtain the best possible case outcome for both the parents and the children. 

Child Support

When setting guidelines for child support, several things must be taken into account. This includes the incomes of each parent, the custody agreement and visitation schedule, the cost of medical insurance coverage for the children and who provides it, the cost of work-related child care, and more. Having experienced and capable legal counsel during these negotiations can be critical in assuring that the correct financial information will be utilized in establishing the guidelines. Our skilled Manassas child support attorneys will make sure that the presiding judge has a complete picture of you and your ex-spouse’s finances – so that the final child support determination of the court is accurate and fair.

Spousal Support

Virginia Courts are given wide discretion under the law in setting the amount and duration of spousal support. Whether spousal support will be ordered at all and if so, how much, depends on a number of factors including but not limited to the relative incomes of the parties. We cannot stress enough the importance of having experienced legal representation from a Manassas spousal support attorney like those at MLG to protect your rights and finances during this phase of the case.

Domestic Violence

Accusations of domestic violence are never to be taken lightly, especially when a client’s family and life both hang in the balance. Not only do people face the aspect of criminal charges and penalties like jail time, but charges of domestic violence may also tear families apart and seriously complicate divorce proceedings and other legal matters.

In the area of family law, our client’s parental rights (and many other rights) are at stake, no matter which side of a conflict they are on. This is why we fight tooth and nail to uphold child custody rights, property interests, and everything else that matters when our clients are involved in a family dispute. Whether you want to obtain a restraining order, need to fight one, want to protect your family from an abuser, or want to uphold your innocence after an accusation, being represented by a Virginia domestic violence lawyer from our Prince William County law firm can give you the strongest possible position when you make your case in court.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Cases Involving Family Law Matters

People in Manassas and throughout Prince William County turn to The Manassas Law Group because our attorneys understand that taking an aggressive stance with the other side shouldn’t mean shutting the door on the possibility of an amicable settlement when possible. At the same time, a case that begins in a spirit of compromise may require a sudden change of strategy if your former spouse decides to become combative. No matter your unique circumstances, we are prepared to provide thorough, powerful, and experienced family law representation to best resolve your legal issues. When our clients’ personal property, financial future, and parental rights are at stake, our Manassas family law attorneys know the best legal strategy is an adaptable one. With experience handling complex divorce cases as well as more straightforward separations, our attorneys have the legal knowledge and real-world experience to pursue favorable and efficient resolutions in our clients’ favor while providing aggressive advocacy throughout the whole process. As trial attorneys, we do not shy away from a fight in court when the other side persists in being contentious. Each family law attorney from our firm knows when to fight and when to compromise. When you need an experienced lawyer to handle your family law matter, or if you need help with legal issues of any sort, remember to reach out to dedicated lawyers at the Manassas Law Group. 
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