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If you have been arrested on suspicion of committing a crime for the very first time, every aspect of the criminal process is likely an unfamiliar and even scary experience. On the other hand, if you face new charges or have any kind of arrest or criminal record, you might be afraid specifically of the consequences a conviction might bring.

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Successful criminal defense requires the ability to figure out every option available to a client as quickly as possible, make effective arguments to prosecutors and judges, and know when a plea bargain is a better option to pursue than taking a case to trial. At The Manassas Law Group, our attorneys have decades of experience helping people in Virginia through every stage of criminal proceedings. Whether you need a lawyer to walk you through the process or are looking for an aggressive advocate to resolve your case quickly, we can help.

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We represent clients facing all felony and misdemeanor charges in Virginia, including:

While the punishments for conviction of these charges vary widely, our core approach is the same whether you face a first-time traffic offense or a subsequent felony charge: Identify the option that will preserve as much of your freedom as possible, and pursue that option aggressively.

Having experienced legal help when facing criminal charges is more important than you might think. Many people think only of the jail time and fines that many convictions carry, but having a criminal record — especially with felonies — can prevent you from getting certain jobs, finding housing and even owning a gun.

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