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Achieving success in divorce or other family law matters requires the ability to navigate a dynamic approach that combines both assertiveness and willingness to compromise, often alternating throughout the duration of a case. Equally vital is the recognition of the personal implications that a family law dispute can have on a client and their loved ones.

Residents of Manassas, VA, and surrounding areas choose The Manassas Law Group due to our attorneys’ understanding that pursuing an assertive stance towards the opposing party should not prevent the possibility of reaching an amicable settlement whenever possible. At the same time, we know that a case that begins with a cooperative spirit may demand an abrupt shift in strategy if the other side decides to become combative.

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Family Law FAQ

We have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in the area of family law.

Family Law FAQ

When our clients’ personal property, financial future, and parental rights are at stake, the best legal strategy is an adaptable one. With experience handling complex family law cases as well as more straightforward cases, our attorneys have the legal knowledge and real-world experience to know how to pursue favorable and efficient resolutions in our clients’ favor.

Common Types of Family Law Cases We Handle

When you work the Manassas, Virginia lawyers at MLG, you’ll receive experienced family law representation from a team of attorneys with decades of combined legal experience. While we may handle other practice areas such as criminal defense and personal injury, we know that legal issues involving a family unit are often the most delicate, especially when children are involved. That’s why, with each case we take on, our skilled Manassas, VA family law attorneys put in the time, effort, and care it takes to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. 

From divorce proceedings to child support to property division and beyond, you can trust a VA family law attorney from Manassas Law Group to handle your case.

Separation and Divorce in Virginia

For many of our clients — especially those who have never worked with a lawyer before — the prospect of a divorce can seem simply overwhelming. As such, throughout the course of our representation, we aim to take the stress and intimidation out of this personal and emotional time.

Our Prince William County separation and divorce attorneys believe it is important to pursue low-conflict resolutions whenever possible, particularly when children are involved. At the same time, we never hesitate to take an assertive or even aggressive approach when circumstances require it and it is in a client’s best interests. Whether you’re working through a contested or uncontested divorce, the family lawyers at MLG are here to help.

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Property Division

After a marriage ends, it becomes necessary to determine the distribution of assets between each ex-spouse. Mediation plays a crucial role in this procedure, especially when the division of property involves complexities such as family businesses, inheritances acquired prior to or during the marriage, and other similar situations. It is important to initiate a thorough analysis and investigation early on to accurately identify and document separate property and marital property concerns. At our firm, our Manassas property division attorneys possess extensive experience in managing these issues and advocating for optimal outcomes on behalf of our clients.

Child Custody

In every child custody and visitation case we take on, our Manassas child custody attorneys strive to avoid disputes. But make no mistake, we are also more than prepared to adopt an aggressive approach if the opposing parties choose to pursue such a path. Overall, our primary objective is to expedite the resolution of family conflicts and maintain healthy relationships between parents. Nevertheless, we always prioritize our clients’ best interests. 

Courts recognize that modern families, with their busy schedules and diverse dynamics, seldom benefit from a conventional “50-50” custody arrangement or solely granting full custody to one parent. Whether it involves establishing custody rights or reaching a mutually agreeable visitation agreement, our dedicated family law attorneys work toward achieving the most favorable outcome for both parents and children.

Child Support

When establishing child support guidelines, several factors need to be considered. These factors include the income of each parent, the custody arrangement, visitation schedule, expenses related to medical insurance coverage for the children and the responsible party, the cost of childcare associated with work, and more. 

It is crucial to have competent and experienced legal representation during these negotiations to ensure the use of accurate financial information when determining the guidelines. Our Mansassas child support attorneys will ensure that the presiding judge gets a comprehensive understanding of both your and your ex-spouse’s financial situation. This commitment guarantees that the final determination of the court regarding child support is both accurate and fair.

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Spousal Support

Under Virginia law, the Courts possess considerable discretion when it comes to determining the amount and duration of spousal support. Whether spousal support will be awarded and, if so, the specific amount, are influenced by various factors, including but not limited to the income disparity between the parties. Seeking skilled legal representation from a Manassas spousal support attorney like those at MLG can help safeguard your rights and financial interests during this critical phase of your case.

Domestic Violence

Beyond the potential criminal charges and severe penalties, charges of domestic violence can break families apart and significantly complicate divorce proceedings and other legal matters. In the realm of family law, our clients’ parental rights and various other rights hang in the balance, regardless of which side of the conflict they find themselves on. Whether you seek protective orders, need to defend against one, aim to safeguard a family member from an abuser, or strive to maintain your innocence following an accusation, being represented by a Manassas domestic violence lawyer from MLG ensures that you have the strongest possible position when presenting your case in court.

Why Choose a VA Family Law Attorney From Manassas Law Group?

When seeking legal assistance for family law matters, choosing a compassionate Virginia family lawyer from Manassas Law Group may be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself during this time. With glowing client reviews (see here), our attorneys have a proven track record of providing much-needed support and guidance throughout these often challenging situations. We work tirelessly to protect the best interests of our clients and ultimately work toward fair outcomes for all parties involved. Put your faith in the dedicated team at MLG to navigate your complex family law issues with the utmost care and professionalism.

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