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Success in a divorce or other family law matter requires the ability to adopt both an aggressive and compromise-driven approach, sometimes switching back and forth over the length of a case. Just as importantly, it requires an awareness of the personal impacts that a family law dispute has on a client and his or her family.

People in Manassas and surrounding areas turn to The Manassas Law Group because our attorneys understand that taking an aggressive stance with the other side shouldn’t mean shutting the door on the possibility of an amicable settlement when possible. At the same time, a case that begins in a spirit of compromise may require a sudden change of strategy when the other side decides to become combative.

When our clients’ personal property, financial future and parental rights are at stake, the best legal strategy is an adaptable one. With experience handling complex divorce cases as well as more straightforward separations, our attorneys have the legal knowledge and real-world experience to know how to pursue favorable and efficient resolutions in our clients’ favor.

Family Law FAQ

We have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in the area of family law.

Family Law FAQ

Experienced Virginia Lawyers, Handling All Aspects Of Divorce In Virginia

For many of our clients — especially those who have never worked with a lawyer before — the prospect of a divorce can seem simply overwhelming. Throughout the course of our representation, we aim to take the stress and intimidation out of what is a personal and emotional time.

We handle all aspects of divorce that our clients may require, including issues related to:

We believe it is important to pursue low-conflict resolutions whenever possible, particularly when children are involved. At the same time, we never hesitate to take an assertive or even aggressive approach when circumstances require it, and it is in a client’s best interests.


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