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Virginia Speeding Ticket Costs

Though speeding tickets or other traffic tickets are generally considered to be common and insignificant, actually getting one can be scary and stressful. This is especially true if you’ve never had a traffic ticket before.  Virginia speeding ticket costs, as well as...

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Virginia Custody Laws

Virginia custody laws dictate the adults that are financially and directly responsible for a child’s well-being. Though at birth the child’s parents are the default guardians, in case the parents are unable to care for the child for whatever reason later in life, or...

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Manassas Car Accident Lawyer Virginia

Why do you need a Manassas Car Accident Lawyer? Car accidents are never simple. Even if no one is hurt, drivers are often left shaken and fearful after a collision.  When there are injuries of any kind arising from a car accident, the last thing the injured person...

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Legal Separation in Virginia

filedWhat is a legal separation in Virginia? The concept of “legal separation” indicates that two spouses have entered into a court-sanctioned agreement that dictates their various responsibilities and obligations while living apart, presumably while they transition...

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Divorce Laws in Virginia

Divorce laws are complex at best and are vastly different from state to state. When seeking a divorce, it is important to know what you will have to do, the length of time that needs to past, and any evidence you need to gather before the divorce can be granted. In...

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Virginia Inheritance Laws

When a person who owns property and other assets dies without a will, a Virginia intestate succession probate will determine who is entitled to the decedent’s estate. Virginia inheritance laws can be complicated. Virginia’s intestate succession laws provide a specific...

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Disorderly Conduct

What is Drunk And Disorderly Conduct? When some people have a bit too much to drink, they may behave out of character and cause a public disturbance such as unruly, obnoxious or profane conduct in a public place. But even if alcohol or drugs aren’t involved,...

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Child Custody Types in Virginia

Legal Child Custody Advice: Your Children Are The Most Important—Child Custody Arrangements After Divorce In Virginia It goes without saying that emotions can run high during a divorce.  Even during the worst moments of a divorce, the emotional and physical needs of...

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Will Bankruptcy Clear All Debt?

Bankruptcy is intended to give those who have found themselves impossibly burdened by debt a fresh start and respite from the stress of collection attempts, creditor telephone calls, some lawsuits, wage garnishments, and other creditor actions. While many debtors...

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Can Child Support Be Reduced in Virginia?

Can you reduce your monthly child support payments? You love your children and are doing your best to provide for them financially. Parents typically want to provide for their children. The child support you're paying now was based on your income at the time it was...

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What is a Trust in Virginia?

My friends say I need a Trust, is this true? Who Needs a Trust? Many clients come in for a consult about estate planning and say they have heard that a Trust is necessary. We advise that a trust may, or may not be necessary, depending on a number of factors including...

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DUI vs DWI in Virginia

A police in Virginia pulled you over under suspicion that you were driving while intoxicated and an officer told you they were arresting you for a DUI, it was probably a traumatic, embarrassing and distressing event. But the citation said you were cited for a DWI....

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Beneficiary Designation Form

RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS and Beneficiary Designations Some of the costliest estate planning mistakes involve retirement accounts. Contrary to popular belief, IRAs and 401K's are not normally covered by a will. Beneficiary Designation Form Instead upon the death of the...

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Unfair Property Settlement Agreements

Clients who have signed a Property Settlement Agreement, aka Marital Agreement, aka Separation Agreement with their spouse often ask whether it is possible to avoid or “get out” of the Agreement. The short answer is that avoiding the obligations set out in a signed...

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Beneficiary Designations vs. Wills

A husband and Wife have just signed their Wills. They naturally have every expectation that the language in their Wills is controlling as to what happens to their property when they die; However, if the Will preparer has not become familiar with how the couple own...

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