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You want the best for your child, and if he or she is facing criminal charges, you need an experienced Manassas criminal defense attorney to work zealously to protect his or her legal rights.

The Manassas Law Group has helped many people in Prince William County and surrounding areas when they are charged with a crime. We know that it is important to work quickly to resolve cases, but also pursue every available strategy to help our clients.

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One mistake or misunderstanding should not follow your child for years down the road. We will aggressively fight to defend against the government’s accusations. Call our Manassas office at 703-361-8246 to speak with a lawyer about the charges your child faces.

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Experienced Criminal Defense For Juvenile Offenses In Virginia

We represent minors charged with a wide range of crimes in Virginia, including:

For any criminal charges, the stakes can be high not only for your child, but also for yourself. A criminal conviction of drug charges, assault/battery, or other offenses can come back to haunt minors when they apply for jobs, for military service, or even to college. As parents, you may be liable for higher insurance premiums if your child is convicted of a traffic offense or underage DUI.

For many charges, courts will be open to allowing minors to go through a diversion program if the child appears to be low-risk. We can determine when this is the best option for our clients and when the best strategy is to fully fight charges in court.

Don’t assume that if your child is convicted of even a minor offense, the conviction will be expunged once he or she turns 18. Any adverse ruling against your child can have consequences that last long after the 18th birthday.

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We encourage you to speak with a qualified Manassas juvenile criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to identify your legal needs and begin developing a legal strategy. Contact our firm today: Call 703-361-8246 or send an email.