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    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    If you or a family member was recently involved in a motor vehicle accident, you have probably learned that the collision itself is only the beginning of a complex, frustrating legal process. Attending to medical needs and physical and mental well-being after an accident can be difficult when struggling to work with insurance companies for fair compensation.

    Seeking a lawyer to help you with your claim might seem like one more burden, but if you or a loved one is dealing with serious injuries after an accident, you need and deserve an experienced legal team on your side. The Virginia attorneys of The Manassas Law Group have handled many personal injury claims in Manassas, Prince William County and surrounding areas. Our goal in these cases is to take as much of the stress out of an accident recovery as possible, handling the work of negotiating with insurance companies so our clients can focus on their physical recovery.

    No Matter What Caused Your Injuries, Our Firm Will Find A Way To Help You

    Serious accidents can happen on the highway, in residential neighborhoods and even in parking lots. We have handled injury claims resulting from:

    • Car wrecks
    • Truck accidents
    • Motorcycle accidents
    • Pedestrian accidents

    The benefit of working with our experienced Manassas car accident attorneys is that we know there is more to a personal injury claim than compensation for medical bills. In many cases, we may be able to win additional types of compensation for our clients, including:

    • Future medical costs, including physical therapy
    • Physical pain and suffering
    • Lost wages and reduced earning capacity

    Insurance companies have every incentive to offer minimum compensation, even in cases where the severity of injury is clear. With our firm in your corner, you will have a legal team ready to be aggressive when insurers decide to play hardball and do everything possible to make you financially whole.

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    We encourage you to speak with a qualified Manassas car accident attorney as soon as possible to identify your legal needs and begin developing a legal strategy. Contact our firm today: Call 703-361-8246 or send an email.

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