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There are probably few rights you value more than your parental rights. You have worked hard to provide for your child or children, and now that you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you want to make sure that you don’t lose the right to see your kids, spend time with them and have a say in how they are raised.

At The Manassas Law Group, we understand that child custody disputes can be some of the most emotionally charged matters in family law cases. Our experienced Manassas family law attorneys know that it is best to avoid disputes whenever possible, but when the other side has decided to take an aggressive approach, we must be aggressive as well. Our goal is to resolve family disputes as quickly as possible and preserve relationships between parents, but we will ultimately always do what is in our client’s best interests.

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Understand Your Rights as a Parent

Courts today are more and more open to creative arrangements that can be reached by parents through negotiation. Courts understand that few of today’s busy and diverse families benefit from a traditional “50-50” custody split, or simply awarding full custody to one parent. When both sides are open to working toward an agreement, it is usually easier to come up with an arrangement that is in everyone’s best interests — especially the children’s.

Of course, not all divorces can be resolved through agreements, and when our client’s visitation or other rights require it, we have the experience and aggressive approach to argue our side before a judge.

As families grow and change, child custody orders can become unworkable or otherwise require adjustment. Our firm also handles modifications to and enforcement of child support orders in Virginia.

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