Domestic Violence

Manassas Domestic Violence Lawyers

Accusations of domestic violence are some of the most emotionally charged situations people can find themselves in. Not only do people face jail time and other criminal penalties when the authorities get involved, but charges of domestic violence can also tear families apart and complicate divorces and other family law proceedings.

No matter which side of a domestic dispute you are on, you need experienced representation to fight for your interests and make sure your rights are respected in the legal system. The Manassas Law Group has represented generations of people in Prince William County and other parts of Virginia when their most important interests — parental rights, personal property and even their freedom — are on the line. We understand that whether you face charges of domestic violence or have been the victim of it, you deserve experienced attorneys working for you.

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Domestic violence allegations almost always incorporate family law and criminal defense needs. We represent people charged with assault, battery, and other offenses that arise out of domestic altercations.

In the area of family law, our clients’ most important parental and other rights are at stake no matter which side of a conflict they are on. We fight to uphold child custody rights, property interests, and everything else that matters when our clients are involved in a family dispute.

Whether you want to obtain a restraining order or need to fight one, being represented by a lawyer can give you a stronger position when you make your case in court.

Manassas Domestic Violence Lawyers

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