Child Support

Child Support Lawyers

Separating Parents who have children are faced with the issue of child support. The issue can be both complicated and emotional. An experienced attorney can be helpful in assisting in the resolution of the issue whether it be negotiated or heard by the Court.

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Attorneys at The Manassas Law Group have substantial experience in defending the interests of clients who must navigate this difficult process. Our experienced attorney, Richard H. Boatwright combine extensive knowledge of family law and the ability to take a flexible approach to resolve our clients’ cases successfully.

Child Support in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s legislature has adopted a formula known as the “child support guidelines” to determine the amount of child support that one parent will be required to pay the other.

These guidelines take into account: the incomes of each parent, the number of days each parent has with the children, the cost of medical insurance coverage for the children and who provides it, the cost of work related child care among other factors. Having an experienced and capable attorney can be critical in assuring that the correct financial information will be utilized in utilizing the guidelines. Our attorneys will make sure that the presiding judge has a complete picture of your and your spouse’s finances – so that the court’s final child support determination is accurate and fair.