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After a car accident in Virginia, the state’s financial responsibility laws take over. This means that when car accidents happen, the at-fault driver generally pays for the medical bills of the victim. Many people take financial responsibility ahead of time by paying for auto insurance from a company in their state. This ensures that the person responsible for the car crash pays for the damages. However, things become complicated if the at-fault driver’s insurance company denies fault and refuses to pay. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend speaking with a Virginia car accident attorney as soon as possible.

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At the Manassas Law Group, our Manassas, Virginia car accident lawyers provide qualified representation for auto accident victims. We understand that the weeks following a car accident are often incredibly stressful and unpredictable. That’s why we pair each client with the right Virginia personal injury lawyer for their case.

You deserve compensation for the accident you didn’t cause, and that’s exactly what we’re here to fight for. For a free consultation with one of our Manassas motor vehicle accident lawyers, give us a call at (703) 361-8246 or reach out to us online today.

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Car Accident Liability

Accidents involving motor vehicles can result in a wide range of consequences, including financial losses. The wounded may be required to miss work while healing from the injury, or they may be required to enter a rehabilitation facility. They may have many doctor appointments, surgeries, prescriptions, and tests, all of which will cost them a lot of money. For the more serious injuries, they may even require care for the rest of their life and compensation to cover the cost of this high degree of care. For example, a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is one type of damage that often occurs in a head-on accident or a rear-end collision and can lead to mounting financial damages.

Virginia is a tort state, which means that car accident cases are not limited by no-fault legislation as they may be in other states. If a motorist injures another driver or passengers, pedestrians, and even bicyclists, the injured victim may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party and may seek it via the courts. 

Those injured in a Virginia car accident can file a personal injury claim in court for damages arising from the incident by consulting with experienced car accident lawyers like those at Manassas Law Group. Through a personal injury lawsuit, car accident victims may seek compensation for things like medical care and lost wages when the at-fault party’s own negligence caused the car crash. This is especially true if the other driver committed a mistake such as failing to yield or was engaging in distracted driving practices at the time of the accident.

Types of Auto Accidents

Keep in mind that traffic accidents don’t just involve personal vehicles. The term actually encompasses a much wider range of vehicle types. Commercial truck accidents, public transit buses, ATVs, and bicycles all fall under the umbrella. Accidents involving taxis, drivers who flee the scene, and even Metro accidents all count as well. Because there are many factors involved in these cases, we recommend speaking with a Manassas, Virginia car accident lawyer experienced in a wide variety of auto accident cases. 

Below, we list other common areas of accident claims that may require legal representation:

  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Train accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Metro accidents
  • School bus accidents
  • Boating accidents

Common Car Accident Injuries

As a personal injury law firm, our Prince William County car accident attorneys at Manassas Law Group have seen injuries of all extents, handling cases ranging from minor damage to completely catastrophic injuries. Some of the more common injuries we’ve seen following a motor vehicle crash include whiplash and other neck injuries, back injuries, head and traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, and even internal injuries. 

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How to Prove Fault in a Car Wreck

The legal notion of negligence permits someone to be held financially liable for harm they cause to another person, even if their actions were done without malice or intent. As a result, in most successful vehicle accident cases, a determination of legal negligence by the defendant listed in a lawsuit or settlement demand plays a major role.

In a nutshell, a motorist involved in a Virginia car crash may be considered negligent if they act recklessly or carelessly and that behavior caused another person to be injured. Depending on the conditions leading up to an automobile accident, negligence can take various forms, ranging from explicitly unlawful activities like speeding to reckless driving in Virginia and otherwise breaking traffic laws. As a result, several types of evidence may be required to establish carelessness and hold someone else responsible for the injuries and damages incurred in a car accident claim.

Finding out if a particular party pled guilty to a ticket in a crash may be enough to hold them responsible for the subsequent event in some instances. In other cases, a Manassas car accident lawyer may be able to assist in the gathering of additional documentary, forensic, and testimonial evidence of negligence, such as surveillance camera footage, photos from the accident scene, and testimony from both eyewitnesses and accident reconstruction experts.

Wrongful Death Car Accident

In Virginia car crashes, if the accident victim is fatally injured, the deceased’s family members may file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault driver for the death of their loved one and the loss of their major income earner. Medical costs, emergency responder charges, reasonable burial expenses, pain and suffering, and economic damages like the loss of future expected earnings are all possible damages in a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a motor vehicle accident.

How to File a Property Damage Claim After a Car Accident?

Virginia residents who have had their property destroyed in a vehicle accident can submit a claim for compensation. Drivers must either obtain property damage liability coverage to cover third-party repair expenses for all damaged property or pay into the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles’ Uninsured Motorists Fund (DMV). 

Those who have had property damage in a Virginia car accident case might also choose to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver’s vehicle insurance company if the costs are being challenged. Examples of damaged property include the vehicle, personal property inside the car, or other damaged items.

Do I Need a Virginia Car Accident Attorney for My Claim?

People who have been in a car accident are often hesitant to speak with Manassas personal injury lawyers for a variety of reasons. They may be unsure of what a lawyer can do for their case, unsure of the sorts of questions to ask, or concerned about the cost of legal services. People who have been injured or had property destroyed as a consequence of a vehicle accident should not wait to call a lawyer until they hear from the at-fault driver’s insurance company; they should do so as soon as possible after the event.

Getting legal advice early on can help ensure that victims of car accidents get everything correct in case they need to file a lawsuit against the at-fault motorist and the insurance company. A competent Manassas personal injury attorney will be able to advise an accident victim if legal counsel is not required for their case, while also giving direction and peace of mind at a potentially difficult time.

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What to Do After a Virginia Car Accident

Before any civil lawsuit can commence, automobile accident victims must follow a few procedural steps in order to prevent being charged with hit and run. Before filing a vehicle accident case or making a settlement demand, anybody who is unclear if they have met these conditions should consult with an experienced attorney ASAP.

Under §46.2-894 of the Code of Virginia, those involved in an auto accident must stop their vehicle immediately (or after moving out of the flow of traffic). This applies whether the accident resulted in property damage, an injured person, or death. They must also provide assistance to all who need it. The Code requires that they give their name, address, registration number, and license number to those involved, as well as the police.

If someone sustains an injury and cannot complete the above tasks at the scene, they must do so afterward. As soon as they can, they must file an accident report and make a good effort to locate the other parties involved. If they find the others, they must then exchange information. A breach of these requirements is a Class 5 felony. Therefore, if an accident happens, it is crucial that you follow these requirements, or you could lose your right to financial compensation and even possibly face criminal charges.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

When a car accident occurs, it can be hard to think straight. Most people are so caught up in the moment, they certainly aren’t thinking about their future injury claim. However, there are a few things that anyone involved in car crashes should always remember. 

People who have been in a vehicle accident can help their Virginia car accident attorneys by obtaining evidence that may be used to establish their cases in court if it becomes necessary. After a vehicle collision, the first thing victims should do is document all of the damages, after getting adequate medical attention for the accident. Take photographs of the site, obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses, and obtain all medical documents connected to the accident’s injuries.

It’s not always feasible to predict the severity of an accident’s injuries right after it happens. This makes it critical to visit a doctor as soon as possible and get your injuries recorded. Some injuries caused in automobile accidents might not show up straight away and may occur days later, or worsen. Medical documentation of the injuries and any subsequent pain and suffering will be critical for the Virginia car accident lawyers.

Attorneys will also interview witnesses who were at the scene of the accident. Ideally, they will want eyewitness accounts that you gathered right after the accident occurred. After that, if they believe that you have a good case for a lawsuit, they will interview those witnesses personally.

What Is Contributory Negligence?

Unfortunately, due to the way state courts handle comparative negligence, civil recovery after Virginia car accident cases can be a lot more difficult than it is in other states. More often than not, if a judge deems a personal injury plaintiff partially at fault for the accident that harmed them, the court can decrease their ultimate damages judgment proportionally.

In Virginia, however, a plaintiff who is even one percent to blame for their own injuries is unable to get any compensation. As a result, hiring an experienced Manassas lawyer to defend you in a Virginia automobile accident lawsuit is critical, as they can assist you in fighting claims of contributory negligence.

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Car Accident Statute of Limitations

Car accident victims have a limited period of time to file a lawsuit. A plaintiff has just two years after discovering their injuries—or two years from the date of a tragic death—to bring a lawsuit for damages connected to a personal injury under VA Code 8.01-243. According to the same part of Commonwealth legislation, any Virginia car accident claim seeking compensation exclusively for property damage has a five-year filing limit from the date of the occurrence in question.

How Compensation Works in Car Accident Claims

When you sustain injuries in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you can file a car accident lawsuit against them. Compensation from this claim helps cover things like lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses related to your injuries. But how does the process work exactly?

This procedure entails more than just filing a personal injury claim with the irresponsible driver’s insurance company and obtaining a payment to compensate you for your damages. It can – and frequently does – entail a thorough examination of your accident as well as negotiations between your lawyer and the auto insurance companies. (Accidents involving an uninsured driver are an entirely different story.) 

If you are unable to achieve a vehicle accident insurance settlement via negotiation, you may be forced to file a lawsuit and appear in court. Either way, an experienced car accident attorney from The Manassas Law Group is prepared to fight for you and your right to fair compensation for your injuries.

When Will I Receive My Car Accident Settlement Check?

The length of the personal injury process depends on a multitude of factors. One main consideration when estimating the timeframe of a case is whether the case settles outside of court or is taken to trial. Another major influence is the extent of the injuries. Your car accident case worth cannot truly be determined until you have reached maximum medical improvement. If you settle the case too soon, your damages may not appropriately account for the medical care and other economic costs associated with your injuries. 

Your personal injury case may be settled quickly, or it may become a protracted, drawn-out procedure requiring significant judicial participation. You can improve your claim’s chances of a fair settlement for you and your family by consulting with an expert Virginia car accident lawyer. When you work with a car accident lawyer from our law firm, we guarantee to work as efficiently as possible while still taking the necessary steps and precautions to ensure you get a fair settlement when your case concludes. 

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Car accidents are stressful enough as it is. You don’t need to take on the responsibility of handling a personal injury claim on your own, and you certainly don’t need to be left with the responsibility of paying for your own injuries and other damages.  

When you hire a Manassas car accident lawyer from Manassas Law Group, you hire an advocate who fights not only for you, but also for justice. With the help of our Manassas auto accident law firm, you can rest assured knowing that we will be fighting aggressively to hold the at-fault driver accountable as well as to obtain maximum compensation for you. To arrange a free consultation with us and determine if an attorney-client relationship with one of our Manassas lawyers is right for you, please call us at (703) 361-8246 today.