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For decades, individuals and businesses in Haymarket, Virginia and the nearby regions have turned to an experienced attorney at the Manassas Law Group for help with their legal services. With years of experience and successful cases under our belts, our Virginia civil litigation attorneys are able to identify the most important legal issues in any situation and devise a plan to get a favorable result as soon as possible. To learn more about our services or to speak with a Haymarket, VA civil litigation attorney from our law firm, give us a call at (703) 361-8246 today.

Haymarket Civil Litigation Lawyers

What is a Civil Litigation Lawyer?

A civil litigation lawyer is a legal professional that represents clients in civil disputes rather than criminal actions. A civil dispute can be anything from a business law dispute to defamation cases to litigation between landlords and their tenants.

Whether you are a company proprietor engaging in commercial transactions, a homeowner looking to better your property, or an individual seeking monetary damages for your unique legal issue, you should be able to obtain top-notch legal representation when disputes arise and have confidence in the legal commitments you make. A Haymarket civil litigation lawyer from Manassas Law Group can provide that and more.

Civil Litigation Matters We Handle

At Manassas Law Group, we handle a variety of civil litigation matters, including breach of contract claims, breach of warranty claims, business formations, partnership disputes and dissolutions, credit fraud claims, defamation claims, landlord-tenant disputes, and many other related practice areas.

Breach of Contract Claims

You rely on many contracts for the sale or purchase of goods and services, but when those contracts are breached, disputes may arise. In these cases, a breach of contract lawyer from MLG can help protect your rights and collect the necessary evidence to support your claim.

Breach of Warranty Claims

If you purchased a product that is covered by warranty and that warranty is violated, the warrantor may be held accountable. Our attorneys can help you determine whether or not you have a case against the liable party and, if so, ensure that party is held legally liable for their breach of warranty.

Haymarket, VA Civil Litigation Lawyers

Business Formations

Having a lawyer involved in the creation of your new company can give you many practical insights and important guidance. Your business can be shielded from a variety of possible legal issues, including compliance issues, employee issues, tax issues, and a host of others by hiring a lawyer who specializes in Virginia business formation services.

Partnership Disputes and Dissolutions

At Manassas Law Group, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in partnership disputes and dissolutions in Haymarket, VA and the surrounding areas. So, if you are involved in a dispute between members of a partnership, our attorneys are prepared to help you assert your rights and protect your interests.

Credit Fraud Claims

If you have suffered financial losses as a result of credit fraud and seek to recover damages against the responsible party, our experienced civil litigation team can help. We will work to prove that financial fraud occurred by gathering information and evidence to support your claim, ensuring you receive the appropriate compensation for your losses.

Defamation Claims

Whether you’ve been accused of defamation or another has defamed you and you seek reparations, a defamation claim attorney at Manassas Law Group is ready and willing to assist you.

Landlord-Tenant Law

When housing-related disputes arise, our attorneys at MLG are here to help. We represent both sides – landlords and tenants.

Haymarket Civil Litigation Attorneys

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At Manassas Law Group, we are aware that striking the right mix between aggressiveness and effectiveness is essential for a case’s success. Not every case needs to go to trial, particularly when a client is eager to settle a dispute as soon as possible, but in many circumstances, taking a case before the court is the best way to defend a client’s interests. We take pleasure in providing our Virginia clients with representation that is genuinely results-oriented.

The Manassas Law Group is a full-service law firm, meaning we handle much more than just civil litigation matters. We also handle cases involving personal injury, family law, probate and estate planning, criminal defense, and bankruptcy across Prince William County and Northern Virginia as a whole. So, whether you need a Haymarket, VA civil litigation attorney, a divorce attorney, a personal injury lawyer, or more, call the super lawyers at Manassas Law Group to protect your rights and your interests while fighting for the best possible outcome for your individual case.

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