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The Manassas Law Group, PC

As experienced trial lawyers, the attorneys of The Manassas Law Group understand that no two of our clients will require the exact same legal strategy. The settlement that achieves the best outcome for one client will simply not be possible for another, and extensive litigation that might be necessary to resolve one case may be completely unnecessary in another.

With our firm, you will have confidence and peace of mind that we are looking after your best interests. This means looking for the most efficient way to resolve your legal matter without sacrificing the dedicated representation that you are entitled to. Because our firm is composed of nine attorneys who are highly experienced in diverse areas of the law, our clients do not have to worry that their cases will eventually be transferred to an inexperienced associate or a paralegal. They work directly with the lawyer handling their cases, and have the kind of attorney access that those making an investment in our representation deserve.

Experience For A Broad Range Of Legal Needs

Because we have a team of attorneys experienced in many different areas of the law, we are able to offer a wide range of legal services without compromising the quality of counsel that those facing the legal system — especially for the first time — need and deserve.

Our clients also benefit from the collaboration that our attorneys frequently engage in. Whether our clients are entering a divorce or other family law dispute, require criminal defense representation, have a personal injury claim or other legal needs, our firm is prepared to provide diligent, results-oriented help and make the legal system less intimidating for our clients.

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Whether you need specific services or guidance to identify your legal needs, we encourage you to contact The Manassas Law Group, PC for a confidential consultation. Call 703-361-8246 or email our firm directly to arrange your consultation with one of our attorneys.