Can Child Support Be Reduced in Virginia?

Can Child Support Be Reduced

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Can you reduce your monthly child support payments? You love your children and are doing your best to provide for them financially. Parents typically want to provide for their children. The child support you’re paying now was based on your income at the time it was court ordered. But if your circumstances have changed, modifications to your child support obligation may be possible. Your child support can be reduced. Under specific circumstances such as:

  • a job change
  • lowered income
  • medical problems
  • your child(ren) turning 18
  • the other parent earning a higher income

you may be entitled to a child support modification, reducing your child support obligation.

Virginia Child Support Law

Virginia law allows for modification of child support upon a material change in circumstances. Your child support obligation may be reduced in the event that :

  • you have experienced an involuntary reduction of income
  • you were laid off or your hours were reduced
  • you’ve developed a medical issue that interferes with your ability to work

Voluntary reductions in income, such as quitting a job or working fewer hours, will not warrant a reduction in child support.

Modifying Child Support

You can’t begin the process of requesting a modification of a child support obligation. Your lawyer must file a motion to be filed in the court that issued the original order. If the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) involves themselves in your original case, DCSE will likely continue to be involved in your case. Your hearing will need to be set on the DCSE docket.

In preparation for court, you will need to gather certain documentation:

  • regarding your income
  • proof of child support payments
  • financial statements
  • evidence regarding the material change in circumstances.

If your child custody agreement changes, your child support should also change, as well. 

Experienced Child Support Attorney

The Manassas Law Group’s experienced family and child support attorneys can assist you in this complex process. We’ve helped families in Manassas, Prince William County, and the surrounding area for decades.

With over 50 years of experience dedicated to family law with a focus on litigation, our attorneys can guide you through the modification process. To discuss whether you may qualify for a modification in your child support obligation, call us at 703-361-8246. We can set up a consultation for one of our attorneys to evaluate of your unique situation or send us a message on our contact form.