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Divorce Lawyers in Manassas, Virginia

Divorce is not a one-size-fits-all process. Whether you are considering filing for divorce, or you or your spouse has already filed papers, you deserve a lawyer who will develop the best approach for your circumstances and have an adaptable strategy to help you navigate a challenging time.

This is precisely what the attorneys of The Manassas Law Group have done for many clients in Prince William County and other areas surrounding Manassas. As trial attorneys, they do not shy away from a fight in court when the other side persists in being aggressive, but they do not avoid opportunities for compromise. Especially when important legal rights are at stake, they realize the importance of having a flexible but persistent legal strategy.

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We Handle All Aspects Of Divorce In Virginia

Whether you and your spouse have relatively few assets and can finalize a divorce quickly or need extensive counsel to resolve complex issues, our firm has the resources to help. We represent our clients in all legal matters related to divorce, including:

Complex divorce cases often require thorough examination of marital property and other assets. We maintain relationships with forensic accountants and can make use of the services of other financial experts to prepare the strongest possible cases.

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