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The Manassas Law Group knows that any family law case needs to be handled with the utmost compassion because of the toll it can take on everyone involved. Many family law cases can become heated and require aggression from your VA family law attorney to fight for what’s right for you and your family. Whether you’re involved in a child custody case, property division, child support, or other legal matter, the Loudoun County family lawyers at the Manassas Law Group are here to help. To discuss your case with one of our experienced family law attorneys, call our office at (703) 361-8246 or fill out our online intake form today.

Family Law Matters We Handle

Being involved in any family law matter requires a compassionate Virginia family lawyer, especially if the case involves children. Our family law attorneys at the Manassas Law Group are dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal services during this delicate time. No matter the family law case, our law firm can handle it. Call the Manassas Law Group today at (703) 361-8246 to schedule a free initial consultation if you need representation in your divorce, child custody, or more.

Divorce Proceedings

When a marriage fails, it can be a very emotional time for both spouses, whether adultery is involved or irreconcilable differences. The laws surrounding the divorce process in Virginia can be highly complex, whether contested or uncontested.

You can file for a fault-based, no-fault divorce (uncontested) or an annulment in Virginia. You must be a resident for at least six months before filing. A no-fault divorce is also referred to as an uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse are filing for a no-fault divorce, you must live apart for a certain amount of time. Usually, you have to live apart for a year, but sometimes it can be lessened to six months if no minor children are involved. During a no-fault divorce, the couple will also have a separation agreement outlining the property division, spousal support, visitation, child custody, and child support of any children considered minors.

You can also file for an at-fault divorce, meaning that one spouse must prove that the other engaged in misconduct. Grounds for an at-fault divorce include adultery, felony conviction, willful desertion, or cruelty, which domestic violence would fall under.

The third type of divorce you can file in Virginia is an annulment. When you file an annulment, it’s as if the marriage never existed. If you and your spouse are filing an annulment, you must do so before you’ve been married for two years.

Dealing with court proceedings and negotiations can be stressful, so having a knowledgeable and experienced Manassas divorce attorney representing you is crucial. When you hire a Loudoun County divorce lawyer at the Manassas Law Group, you can feel confident knowing that your family law attorney has your best interest in mind and will protect your rights.

Property Division

Dividing property following a divorce can be a headache without proper legal representation, especially when a family business or inheritance is involved. The Manassas property division attorneys at the Manassas Law Group will evaluate all property involved and ensure that the property is equally and fairly distributed between both parties.

Child Custody Issues

When children are involved in a divorce, it can make an already complicated process even more difficult. When the other side becomes aggressive, we won’t back down either. As trial attorneys, we’re not afraid of a fight, especially regarding children. The Loudoun County child custody lawyers at the Manassas Law Group will know what you want from the beginning. They will fight to make sure that happens. We understand that resolving disputes quickly and effectively to preserve the parent’s relationship is essential. Still, we will make sure that, as our client, your best interests are being advocated for. A good family law attorney will consider not only what their client wants in the child custody case but also what the child wants.

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Child Support

In determining the guidelines surrounding child support, several things must be considered. These include: 

  • The incomes of both parents
  • The custody agreement and visitation schedule
  • The cost of medical insurance and who provides it
  • The cost of work-related childcare
  • And more

It’s critical to have an experienced VA family law attorney representing you when it comes to deciding child support. Your Manassas child support attorney will ensure that the presiding judge has a clear picture of both parties’ finances so that the child support can be fair and accurate. 

Spousal Support

Spousal support, once known as alimony, must be paid to the other husband or wife involved in the divorce proceedings. If spousal support is awarded at all, it may be periodic, like every month, or a lump sum that is a defined amount paid in one or more installments. Several factors will determine whether spousal support is awarded, and the Virginia courts are given broad discretion when decking the amount and duration of the support. One of our Loudoun family law attorneys at the Manassas Law Group will make sure that your finances and rights are protected during this part of the divorce proceedings. 

Domestic Violence

When domestic violence is involved in a family law matter, you need a compassionate Virginia family lawyer to represent you during this difficult time. Domestic violence should never be taken lightly because it can potentially ruin someone’s life and destroy a family. The accused can face criminal charges and jail time. Domestic violence accusations can complicate a divorce case and other legal matters. Whether you’re a victim of domestic violence or have been accused of domestic violence, your VA family law attorney at the Manassas Law Group will fight for your rights. Your family law attorney will help you whether you need to obtain a restraining order, fight a restraining order against you, protect your family against an abuser, or uphold your innocence after an accusation. Our Loudoun County, VA, law firm will make sure that you’re given the best possible representation no matter the side you’re on. 

Loudoun County Family Lawyer

Why You Need a Loudoun County Family Law Attorney From MLG

No matter the circumstances surrounding your family law legal issue, the Loudoun County, VA family law attorneys at the Manassas Law Group will provide you with experienced legal services unique to your particular case. For example, your divorce may begin amicably, but things can sometimes turn heated once negotiations are underway. As trial attorneys, you can trust that your family law attorney will not back down from a fight. We understand that not only are your finances and property at stake during a divorce, but also your parental rights, and we will ensure they’re protected. Our attorneys know when to fight and when to compromise. When looking for a reasonable family law attorney, look no further than the Manassas Law Group. 

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